Welcome to the 2011 Onalaska Church of Christ Dominican Republic Missions Ministry web log. This site is to keep you informed about our mission, preparations for our trips and communications with the missionaries in the Dominican Republic.

Our vision is captured in the messages on our flag:

viajar - Servir - madurar
to go - To Serve - to grow

Levante las Velas y Adelante al Horizonte (LLV y AAH)
Hoist the Sails and Onward to the Horizon

Blog updated March 5, 2011
The OCC - DR blog is being updated to provide information about the 2011 trip and the planned visit to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2012

Accounts from our activities on Thursday, February 17 are now posted.

This Site
This Welcome section and the Current News section that follow have their permanent homes here at the top of the blog. Starting with this update, posts will follow in order written immediately below the Current News. This means that all posts will be available in this window or through the archive list that can be accessed in the Blog Archive menu at the bottom of the right hand side bar.

What time is it in the DR?


Current News

2011 Visit to the DR
The team for the 2011 visit occurred between February 16 and February 22. Reports are being provided in new posts, one post for each day of the trip. We will soon be making plans for our next visit to the Dominican Republic, tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2012.

Anticipate :: Devo #7

Free Gifts
The writer of this week’s meditation tells us that his “favorite theme in the Bible is that people are blessed so that they will become blessings to others.” My work provided the opportunity to make several visits to Rochdale, England. Just behind the small hotel on a hill above the town stood a monument to authors who wrote to preserve the local dialects of the area, well known once for it’s cotton and woolen mills. A short thought by Margaret Rebecca Lehee appears on one of the four faces of the monument:

When we lay deun life’s shuttle an ston before th greyt judge, he’ll wont to know what soart of a piece we’en woven, an how many floats there’s in it. He winnot care abeawt eawr hee seaundin names an worldly possessions. He’ll ax us how we geet em and what we did wi’ em.

Read 1Peter 4:10. We see that we are given gifts (abilities to use in our ministries) for the purpose of “faithfully administering God’s grace…” It isn’t a question of how many gifts we have. Nor of what these gifts are. It’s “what we did wi’ em” that counts. What will we do with our gifts in this ministry to the people in the Dominican Republic?

Pray for the other members of the missions team as we prepare for the March and June visits. Thank God for the diversity of the groups and that this collection of gifts be given freely and effectively in our part of in “administering God’s grace.”

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